Thursday, 12 March 2015

Designing a nail inspired look for Anna Sui - Dolly Girl

This makeup look is inspired by the Anna Sui Dolly Girl glittery nail varnish range. This range includes 25 different colours. The 

Dolly Girl range was originally a fragrance range which launched in 2003.  Below are some images of products that have been a part of the Dolly Girl range and also advertisement images for the range.

This mood board below is inspiration found on Pinterest. For this look I want to use glitter on the face - around the eyes, glitter nail varnish to match the newest Dolly Girl product. the main colours I would use for this design would be purple (this is Anna Sui's favorite colour) and pink to create a more doll like feel to the design. 

For this design I could use glitter through the hair with two high top knots/buns on either sides of the head. The bottom right hand image of this mood board is a more doll like makeup look, I think that it could be interesting to use this image as inspiration for my design because I can use elements of this to relate to the Dolly Girl theme, however I don't want the final image to look too doll like.I want the over all look to have a fun feel to it, the hair will give this feeling. I also purchased some Stargazer rose paper lashes to use for this makeup look.

Mood board for this design

Face chart

Products used to create this look:
  • Matt primer and foundation matching skin tone, Dermacolour pallet to cover any blemishes or spots
  • Translucent powder
  • Barry M pink and purple crayons on lids, from pink to purple.  Purple along bottom on lids
  • Three Barry M dazzle dust – purple to pink on lids, purple on bottom
  • Barry m white dazzle dust to highlight brow done and cupids bow and inner corners of eyes
  • Kryloan brown shadow through brows
  • Illamasquaa tremble on apples of cheeks
  • Illamasqua Glinte to contour cheek bones and sides of forehead
  • Mac white liner on bottom waterline
  • Illamasqua gel liner on top lids with flick
  • MAC mixing medium & glitter on the outer corner of eyes on the face blending  into hair
  • Inglot pink lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Paper lashes and duo
  • Purple colour spray in top knots/buns of hair

Hair chart

  • middle parting
  • bun on either side of head created by back combing and gripping the hair in place
For this hair design I will also use pastel purple colour spray to colour the buns. I will also take the glitter slightly up into the hair.

Dolly Girl images

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