Thursday, 12 March 2015

Designing a nail inspired look for Anna Sui - Dolly Girl

This makeup look is inspired by the Anna Sui Dolly Girl glittery nail varnish range. This range includes 25 different colours. The 

Dolly Girl range was originally a fragrance range which launched in 2003.  Below are some images of products that have been a part of the Dolly Girl range and also advertisement images for the range.

This mood board below is inspiration found on Pinterest. For this look I want to use glitter on the face - around the eyes, glitter nail varnish to match the newest Dolly Girl product. the main colours I would use for this design would be purple (this is Anna Sui's favorite colour) and pink to create a more doll like feel to the design. 

For this design I could use glitter through the hair with two high top knots/buns on either sides of the head. The bottom right hand image of this mood board is a more doll like makeup look, I think that it could be interesting to use this image as inspiration for my design because I can use elements of this to relate to the Dolly Girl theme, however I don't want the final image to look too doll like.I want the over all look to have a fun feel to it, the hair will give this feeling. I also purchased some Stargazer rose paper lashes to use for this makeup look.

Mood board for this design

Face chart

Products used to create this look:
  • Matt primer and foundation matching skin tone, Dermacolour pallet to cover any blemishes or spots
  • Translucent powder
  • Barry M pink and purple crayons on lids, from pink to purple.  Purple along bottom on lids
  • Three Barry M dazzle dust – purple to pink on lids, purple on bottom
  • Barry m white dazzle dust to highlight brow done and cupids bow and inner corners of eyes
  • Kryloan brown shadow through brows
  • Illamasquaa tremble on apples of cheeks
  • Illamasqua Glinte to contour cheek bones and sides of forehead
  • Mac white liner on bottom waterline
  • Illamasqua gel liner on top lids with flick
  • MAC mixing medium & glitter on the outer corner of eyes on the face blending  into hair
  • Inglot pink lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Paper lashes and duo
  • Purple colour spray in top knots/buns of hair

Hair chart

  • middle parting
  • bun on either side of head created by back combing and gripping the hair in place
For this hair design I will also use pastel purple colour spray to colour the buns. I will also take the glitter slightly up into the hair.

Dolly Girl images

‘Anna Sui Dolly Girl is 10 Years Old’ (2013). Really Ree. Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2015).
Anna sui dolly girl look (2015). Pinterest. Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2015).

Designing a beach look for Anna Sui

This beach wear makeup and hair look that I have created this mood board for has taken inspiration from Anna Sui's S/S beach wear clothing. 

These two specific beach wear clothing range have a lot of golden and warm  colours to them. This is why I want my beach makeup look to have a very golden, sun kissed feel to it.

Below is my mood board for my beach look. The hair would have a natural beach wave look. The base makeup will be golden with natural shades of soft shimmery golds/browns on the eyes. I want the lips to have a sheer transparent gloss. The cheeks will be slightly bronzed with a bronzer to give a sun kissed finish. The brows will be natural with a small amount of colour through them to define the shape slightly.

Face chart

Products used to create this look
  • Illamasqua satin primer
  • MAC sudio fix fluid foundation
  • Dermacolour concealer pallet
  • Clinque up lighting for tops of cheek bones
  • Apply Miss K Co. shimmery bronzer to contour cheeks
  • Gosh bronzer to apples of cheeks & forehead
  • Use Urban Decay last sin eye shadow, Inglot gold eye shadow and Urban Decay Lucky eye shadow as a smokey golden lid. Use Urban Decay Trust to highlight brow bone.
  • Kryolan brown eye shadow in brows
  • Masacara
  • Gloss applied to lips

Hair chart

Side swept parting with natural beachy waves created with moose, hair dryer and deffuser. Use serum to add shine to the hair

Beach look images

anna sui beach wear look (2015). Pinterest. Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2015).

Designing a spring look for Anna Sui

This image on the right is of a model backstage at the Zac Posen show. Glossy lids are associated with flawless and dewy skin. Makeup artist Diane Kendal uses NARS Triple X gloss on the eye lids to create this new glossy lid trend. A tip from her that I found is to apply the gloss onto the back of your hand and then onto the lids as this makes it easier to spread the gloss onto the lids without it spreading everywhere.  
This makeup design is inspired by the glossy lids which is a spring makeup trend in 2015. I would use very opaque
 shade of brown to add gloss onto the lids, the lips would have a warm/nude colour with a matt finish with wrmth on the face. The base makeup would be very natural and I wouldn't add too much definition to the brows.

For the hair I would like to use a big loose chunky french plait going from one side of the face going down onto the shoulder. This is to create a soft girly feel to the overall look. I think this relates to Anna Sui as a brand as Anna Sui is a very elegant brand.

Face chart

Products used to create this look
  • Satin primer and foundation matching skin tone, Dermacolour pallet to cover any blemishes or spots
  • Brown Barry M dazzle dust mixed with dare to bare sheer lip gloss
  • Illamasqua Disobey blusher
  • Clinque up-lighting to highlight cheek bones
  • Supracolour for lips, mix yellow and purple to create brown then mixed with white and red to create a rouge colour.
  • Clinqe cream shaper to outline lips and blend into the rest of the colour.
  • MAC brown pencil to define the brows.
  • Mascara.

Hair chart

This hair design is a loose chunky/inverted french plait going from the left side of the face to the right. The model needs to have long hair to fit this design perfectly. There will be a few loose strands of hair framing the face.

Spring look images

anna sui spring look (2015). Pinterest. Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2015).
best make-up nyfw s/s 2015 (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2015).
Stennett, N. (2015) ‘MAC Makeup Trends for 2015’. Professional Beauty. Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2015).

Designing a evening look for Anna Sui

This evening look is inspired by the new Lipstick G lipstick collection by Anna Sui. Within the new Lipstick G collection there is a black lipstick, this will be the main focus of the makeup design. As the lipstick range was inspired by rock stars so is my look, however my look will have a more glamorized and modern feel to it. 

Dark eye makeup will be used with a touch of silver to the inner corners of the eyes to add depth to the design. There will be definition to the brows and cheekbones however the makeup design will be bold and have a simple finish.  The hair for this design would have a straight block fringe, a high pony tail with lots of volume. 

As this look is inspired by the Lipstick G lipstick range the main colour within the makeup design are a black and grey smokey eye with a touch of silver with black lips. The rest of the makeup design will be natural, I don't want the face to seem to sculpted with highlighting and contouring so these techniques are going to be kept minimal.

Within the Lipstick G lipstick range there are seven shades that can be brought on Beauty Bay online by pressing here (link to beauty bay) pricing from £16.10 - £23. These shades are Glitter Silver, Glitter Gold, Glitter Black, Powder Pink, Paris Pink, Rose Pink & Valencia.

Product description

'Perfect worn alone for a subtle wash of colour with a shot of sparkle or layering over other lip colours to add a touch of glitz to bolder colour, Lipstick G is enriched with natural Botanical Oils and Pearlescent Particles which keep the lips beautifully hydrated with an iridescent finish whilst Vitamin C and Antioxidants such as Grape Seed Oil shield the lips from free radical damage.'

Mood board for this design

Face chart

Products used to create this look:
  • Kroylan foundation pallet, dermacolour concealer pallet & Ben Nye neutral set loose powder
  • Clinique up-lighting liquid on cheek bones
  • Benefire high beam to highlight brow bone
  • Illamasqua Diobey to contour nose
  • Inglot beige eye shwod to highlight down the nose, cupids bow and brow bone
  • Laura Mercier fair brow definer in brows with Kryolan brown eye shadow
  • Illamasqua Glinte & Writhe to contour the cheeks and forehead
  • Illamassqua gel liner
  • Krolan grey eye shadow to blend crease/smokey eye
  • Inglot black eyeshadow on eye lids/smokey eye
  • Illamasqua Surge liquid metal inner corners of eyes
  • MAC black pencil to fill lips
  • MAC black lipmix onto lips
  • Eylure full lashes and duo
  • Mascara
As this is an evening look I will be using these Eylure double lashes to finish the look. These lashes will add more texture to the makeup design. 

Hair chart

Step by step of how to create this hair style:
  1. Section the fringe and hold in place with a sectioning clip.
  2. Create two pony tails in the back centre of the head, the first pony quite high on the head and the other just below.
  3. Spray heat protection spray into the hair.
  4. Spray gel spray into the hair and barrel curl all the hair in the pony tails and use long silver sectioning clips to hold the curls into place.
  5. Allow the hair to cool and then brush the hair out, backcomb some sections as desired and apply Vitapointe into the hair to control the hair. the ends should be slightly curled.
  6. Straighten the fringe to frame the face.
  7. Finish with hair spray.

I practiced this hair style on my dolls head and I found that the hair was too short, therefore the pony tail was not long enough. For the shoot I shouldn't have this problem because my models hair is a lot longer than the dolls head.

Evening look images

Designing a day time look for Anna Sui

As this makeup design is inspired by the Anna Sui Spring 2014 makeup collection shown
on the right I want the makeup to be very soft and natural. I want the skin to look healthy with a natural glow, with natural blush to the cheeks and soft pink eye shadow applied to the lids with a brushing of mascara and enhancing of the brows. The lips with be a soft glossy pink I will use gentle products to high light and contour the face, however I don't want the face to look overly sculpted. 
The hair would be a soft girly effortless
 looking updo. There would be a few strands of hair framing around the face. For the shoot I want to use a rose head piece as an accessory in the hair, I have chosen to use roses because of the roses in the background of the 2014 spring makeup collection. I want to keep this look feeling soft and gently as I see Anna Sui as a brand in that way. This look is simple because I don't want it to be over whelming.

Face chart

Products needed to create this look: 
  • Body shop vitamin C cream
  • Foundation and concealer
  • Translucent powder
  • Clinque up lighting to contour cheekbones
  • Bodyshop highlighter on brow bone, under eyes/top of cheek bones
  • Inglot frost eye shadow - all over lids
  • Brown eye shadow in brows to enhance brow shape
  • Illamasqua tremble blush applied to cheeks
  • Illamasqua promise cream blush product onto lips
  • Vaseline over top of pink cream product on lips
  • Illamasqua intrigue mixed with bodyshop highlighter on brow bone, down the nose and on cupids bow
  • Illamasqua bronzing duo to contour cheekbones & sides of nose
    • Mascara

    Hair chart 

    This hair design consists of three twists directly at the back of the head. To create this hair style I will need 3 small elastic bands, heat protection spray, curling tongs and a rose head band accessory. There will be a pony tail at the nape of the neck, i will curl this section of hair to give the hair style more shape. There will also be a strand of hair on either side of the face to frame the face and give more of a girly feel to the design.

    My model for this design has mid length to long light brown hair. This will suit the design because I think it is a very soft and girlie hair colour and texture to fit with the design.

    Daytime look images

    Tuesday, 10 March 2015

    Assessment images

    Assessment evaluation

    On the day of the assessment I was feeling a bit nervous as I didn't have a model until the day before the assessment. I felt the assessment went well however I almost ran out of time, my models hair was a lot longer than I had practiced on my dolls head so styling the hair took longer. The top section of the hair wasn't as high as I had wanted it to be. My model has very think and heavy hair so the backcombed padding of the hair wasn't supporting the structure as well. If I was to do this hair style again on this model I would use come crepe hair as padding into the top section of the hair to create the perfect structure that I wanted to create in this section of the hair.

    I feel that the contouring with the orange tone blusher was a bit too low, the contouring of the cheeks should have been higher so that there would be more space in between the jaw line and the contouring. I was really happy with the colour of the eye shadow and how it blended from the eyes onto the face. the model had a really good natural shape to the brows for this whispy finish. If i could create this look again I would also like to use more feathery lashes as the feathers remind me of many of the garments for the Anna Sui ready-to-wear catwalk show.

    Chosen design and practice

    For the timed assessment I have chosen to create my first design, created from the first mood board on my previous post. I have chosen this mood board because the Anna Sui ready-to-wear catwalk show had tones of blue and orange. There was also reference to the 70's and to vikings. I want to add texture using crimpers into the hair, this is a recent S/S 2015 trend. I have included all of these things into my design for my assessment because I believe these are all strong elements referencing to Anna Sui. 

    Below is a copy of the chosen mood board for my final design and there are images and practice of the final hair and makeup design. 

    Makeup mood board 

    This makeup mood board represents colour and shape that I have chosen for the final makeup design for the timed assessment.

    Hair mood board 

    This mood board for the hair style is representing viking hair styles, with crimped texture a recent S/S trend and a 70's inspired hair shape.


    Products needed to create this look:
    • Blue Supracolour
    • Inglot blue eye shadow
    • MAC blue eye shadow x2
    • The Body Shop highglighter
    • Clinque up lighting
    • Ben Nye translucent powder
    • MAC brown pencil
    • Gel
    • Orange tone Inglot blusher
    • Stargazer misty eye shadow dust
    • Katy Perry false lashes & DUO
    • LC149 Kryolan lipstick
    • Vaseline
    • MAC white pencil

    1. Prep and moisturise the face.
    2. Apply blue Supracolour to eye lid and below the eyes.
    3. Inglot blue eye shadow over the top, MAC pallet darker shade of blue blended in outer corners. Also under the eyes.
    4. Mix foundation with Bodyshop highlighter and apply to face and down the neck.
    5. Single MAC eye shadow blended in the crease and outer corners of eyes blending to the hairline.
    6. Highlight cheekbones and dot down the nose & at the cupids bow with Bodyshop highlighter.
    7. Clinque up lighting contour down sides of nose and down the cheeks.
    8. Powder the face with Ben Nye translucent set powder.
    9. Brush brows up, use MAC brown pencil to define shape and then use gel to hold brows in place.
    10. Third Inglot blusher used widely down the contour area of the face.
    11. Stargazer misty eye shadow dust to blend colour between eyes and cheeks (also as a highlighter)
    12. Apply eye lashes and mascara.
    13. LC149 Kryolan lipstick all over the lips creating a cupids bow, apply Vaseline over the top.
    14. Apply MAC white pencil to the waterline.


    This hair style consists of two inverted/chunky braids at either sides of the head and plaited until the ends and secured with a small black elastic band. The top section of the hair will have lots of back combing underneath but will be smooth on top. The ends of the hair would be crimped to add some texture to the hair.

    This hair style is inspired by S/S hair trend, crimping parts of the hair and vikings - Anna Sui's inspiration for the ready-to-wear catwalk show.

    Tools/products needed:
    • Heat protection – to protect the hair
    • Serum – to smooth top section of hair
    • Cripmers – to create texture in parts of the hair
    • Hair grips.
    • Pintail comb – for backcombing and smoothing
    • 4 elastic bands – to secture ends of plaits
    • Sectioning clips
    • Hairspray – to hold/finish style.
    Step by step how to create this style:

    1. Section a horse show section at the top of the head and use sectioning clips to hold this section in place for now.
    2. Create two inverted chunky plaits at either side of the head, above the ears. Use the end of your pintail comb to create neat sections. Stop creating the chunky french plait when you just go past the back of the ears & plait until you reach the ends of the hair, use the small elastic bands to hold the hair in place.
    3. Create padding in the top section of the hair using your pintail comb. Add serum into the top layer of hair and smooth the hair into the desired shape and use grips to old the hair in place.
    4. Use the crimpers to create texture in the top layers of hair that can be seen. Ensure the back section of the hair is gradually crimped from the ends like in the picture shown below.
    5. Spray the hair with hairspray to finish the style.