Thursday, 12 March 2015

Designing a spring look for Anna Sui

This image on the right is of a model backstage at the Zac Posen show. Glossy lids are associated with flawless and dewy skin. Makeup artist Diane Kendal uses NARS Triple X gloss on the eye lids to create this new glossy lid trend. A tip from her that I found is to apply the gloss onto the back of your hand and then onto the lids as this makes it easier to spread the gloss onto the lids without it spreading everywhere.  
This makeup design is inspired by the glossy lids which is a spring makeup trend in 2015. I would use very opaque
 shade of brown to add gloss onto the lids, the lips would have a warm/nude colour with a matt finish with wrmth on the face. The base makeup would be very natural and I wouldn't add too much definition to the brows.

For the hair I would like to use a big loose chunky french plait going from one side of the face going down onto the shoulder. This is to create a soft girly feel to the overall look. I think this relates to Anna Sui as a brand as Anna Sui is a very elegant brand.

Face chart

Products used to create this look
  • Satin primer and foundation matching skin tone, Dermacolour pallet to cover any blemishes or spots
  • Brown Barry M dazzle dust mixed with dare to bare sheer lip gloss
  • Illamasqua Disobey blusher
  • Clinque up-lighting to highlight cheek bones
  • Supracolour for lips, mix yellow and purple to create brown then mixed with white and red to create a rouge colour.
  • Clinqe cream shaper to outline lips and blend into the rest of the colour.
  • MAC brown pencil to define the brows.
  • Mascara.

Hair chart

This hair design is a loose chunky/inverted french plait going from the left side of the face to the right. The model needs to have long hair to fit this design perfectly. There will be a few loose strands of hair framing the face.

Spring look images

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