Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Chosen design and practice

For the timed assessment I have chosen to create my first design, created from the first mood board on my previous post. I have chosen this mood board because the Anna Sui ready-to-wear catwalk show had tones of blue and orange. There was also reference to the 70's and to vikings. I want to add texture using crimpers into the hair, this is a recent S/S 2015 trend. I have included all of these things into my design for my assessment because I believe these are all strong elements referencing to Anna Sui. 

Below is a copy of the chosen mood board for my final design and there are images and practice of the final hair and makeup design. 

Makeup mood board 

This makeup mood board represents colour and shape that I have chosen for the final makeup design for the timed assessment.

Hair mood board 

This mood board for the hair style is representing viking hair styles, with crimped texture a recent S/S trend and a 70's inspired hair shape.


Products needed to create this look:
  • Blue Supracolour
  • Inglot blue eye shadow
  • MAC blue eye shadow x2
  • The Body Shop highglighter
  • Clinque up lighting
  • Ben Nye translucent powder
  • MAC brown pencil
  • Gel
  • Orange tone Inglot blusher
  • Stargazer misty eye shadow dust
  • Katy Perry false lashes & DUO
  • LC149 Kryolan lipstick
  • Vaseline
  • MAC white pencil

  1. Prep and moisturise the face.
  2. Apply blue Supracolour to eye lid and below the eyes.
  3. Inglot blue eye shadow over the top, MAC pallet darker shade of blue blended in outer corners. Also under the eyes.
  4. Mix foundation with Bodyshop highlighter and apply to face and down the neck.
  5. Single MAC eye shadow blended in the crease and outer corners of eyes blending to the hairline.
  6. Highlight cheekbones and dot down the nose & at the cupids bow with Bodyshop highlighter.
  7. Clinque up lighting contour down sides of nose and down the cheeks.
  8. Powder the face with Ben Nye translucent set powder.
  9. Brush brows up, use MAC brown pencil to define shape and then use gel to hold brows in place.
  10. Third Inglot blusher used widely down the contour area of the face.
  11. Stargazer misty eye shadow dust to blend colour between eyes and cheeks (also as a highlighter)
  12. Apply eye lashes and mascara.
  13. LC149 Kryolan lipstick all over the lips creating a cupids bow, apply Vaseline over the top.
  14. Apply MAC white pencil to the waterline.


This hair style consists of two inverted/chunky braids at either sides of the head and plaited until the ends and secured with a small black elastic band. The top section of the hair will have lots of back combing underneath but will be smooth on top. The ends of the hair would be crimped to add some texture to the hair.

This hair style is inspired by S/S hair trend, crimping parts of the hair and vikings - Anna Sui's inspiration for the ready-to-wear catwalk show.

Tools/products needed:
  • Heat protection – to protect the hair
  • Serum – to smooth top section of hair
  • Cripmers – to create texture in parts of the hair
  • Hair grips.
  • Pintail comb – for backcombing and smoothing
  • 4 elastic bands – to secture ends of plaits
  • Sectioning clips
  • Hairspray – to hold/finish style.
Step by step how to create this style:

  1. Section a horse show section at the top of the head and use sectioning clips to hold this section in place for now.
  2. Create two inverted chunky plaits at either side of the head, above the ears. Use the end of your pintail comb to create neat sections. Stop creating the chunky french plait when you just go past the back of the ears & plait until you reach the ends of the hair, use the small elastic bands to hold the hair in place.
  3. Create padding in the top section of the hair using your pintail comb. Add serum into the top layer of hair and smooth the hair into the desired shape and use grips to old the hair in place.
  4. Use the crimpers to create texture in the top layers of hair that can be seen. Ensure the back section of the hair is gradually crimped from the ends like in the picture shown below.
  5. Spray the hair with hairspray to finish the style.

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