Thursday, 12 March 2015

Designing a day time look for Anna Sui

As this makeup design is inspired by the Anna Sui Spring 2014 makeup collection shown
on the right I want the makeup to be very soft and natural. I want the skin to look healthy with a natural glow, with natural blush to the cheeks and soft pink eye shadow applied to the lids with a brushing of mascara and enhancing of the brows. The lips with be a soft glossy pink I will use gentle products to high light and contour the face, however I don't want the face to look overly sculpted. 
The hair would be a soft girly effortless
 looking updo. There would be a few strands of hair framing around the face. For the shoot I want to use a rose head piece as an accessory in the hair, I have chosen to use roses because of the roses in the background of the 2014 spring makeup collection. I want to keep this look feeling soft and gently as I see Anna Sui as a brand in that way. This look is simple because I don't want it to be over whelming.

Face chart

Products needed to create this look: 
  • Body shop vitamin C cream
  • Foundation and concealer
  • Translucent powder
  • Clinque up lighting to contour cheekbones
  • Bodyshop highlighter on brow bone, under eyes/top of cheek bones
  • Inglot frost eye shadow - all over lids
  • Brown eye shadow in brows to enhance brow shape
  • Illamasqua tremble blush applied to cheeks
  • Illamasqua promise cream blush product onto lips
  • Vaseline over top of pink cream product on lips
  • Illamasqua intrigue mixed with bodyshop highlighter on brow bone, down the nose and on cupids bow
  • Illamasqua bronzing duo to contour cheekbones & sides of nose
    • Mascara

    Hair chart 

    This hair design consists of three twists directly at the back of the head. To create this hair style I will need 3 small elastic bands, heat protection spray, curling tongs and a rose head band accessory. There will be a pony tail at the nape of the neck, i will curl this section of hair to give the hair style more shape. There will also be a strand of hair on either side of the face to frame the face and give more of a girly feel to the design.

    My model for this design has mid length to long light brown hair. This will suit the design because I think it is a very soft and girlie hair colour and texture to fit with the design.

    Daytime look images

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