Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Assessment images

Assessment evaluation

On the day of the assessment I was feeling a bit nervous as I didn't have a model until the day before the assessment. I felt the assessment went well however I almost ran out of time, my models hair was a lot longer than I had practiced on my dolls head so styling the hair took longer. The top section of the hair wasn't as high as I had wanted it to be. My model has very think and heavy hair so the backcombed padding of the hair wasn't supporting the structure as well. If I was to do this hair style again on this model I would use come crepe hair as padding into the top section of the hair to create the perfect structure that I wanted to create in this section of the hair.

I feel that the contouring with the orange tone blusher was a bit too low, the contouring of the cheeks should have been higher so that there would be more space in between the jaw line and the contouring. I was really happy with the colour of the eye shadow and how it blended from the eyes onto the face. the model had a really good natural shape to the brows for this whispy finish. If i could create this look again I would also like to use more feathery lashes as the feathers remind me of many of the garments for the Anna Sui ready-to-wear catwalk show.

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