Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Project evaluation

At the beginning of this beauty and the brand project I was really excited about creating looks inspired by Anna Sui. I had never heard of Anna Sui before but after looking into some of her work I felt that Anna Sui would be the most appropriate brand for me to choose as I felt I could work quite freely with the brand.

 I developed my ideas by researching the history of Anna Sui as a designer and then as a brand. I think that doing a lot of research about Sui as a designer and then as a brand really helped me develop my ideas throughout this unit. I have really enjoyed taking ideas from Anna Sui’s original inspiration for her catwalk shows and products and then turning them into a hair and makeup look.

At the beginning of the unit I wanted to collect as much information as I could about Anna Sui. I began by researching the five P’s which were on the brief. These included product, packaging, presentation, promotion and price point. I think that I got off to a good start by getting a lot of my research done early on during the semester when we were first given the brief. This allowed me more time to think about design ideas and to be able to develop my ideas.

Throughout this unit I have looked at inspiration from Pat McGrath (makeup artist) and Garren (hair stylist) to gain knowledge of how they have worked on creating hair and makeup looks for Sui’s catwalk shows. I noticed that for many of Sui’s shows Pat McGrath and Garren have been the main makeup and hair artist for her shows. I found YouTube videos of artist’s work and behind the scenes clips of how to create hair and makeup styles that they have created for Sui’s shows. I loved finding information about where Sui got her passion and inspiration from for her clothing as well as her makeup products. I really enjoyed looking into what inspired Sui for all the aspects of the brand.

I feel as if my skills have developed throughout this unit because I feel a lot more confident while creating looks that will be taken within the studio. This unit has helped me build my confidence because I now feel confident with asking people to collaborate with to get better result with the pictures once the final looks have been completed.

If I was able to do this project again I would create more extravagant hairstyles as I think this would also suit Anna Sui as a brand. I think that I have understood Anna Sui as a brand very well as all my final images have knowledge and reason behind the ideas. Over all I have really enjoyed this project.

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