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Beauty trends inspired by Anna Sui - spring/summer 2015

The look of Anna Sui spring 2015 

As Anna Sui is also a fashion designer I thought that it would be interesting to see how hair and makeup teams interpret her designs into hair and makeup. Anna Sui's clothing always involves lots of movement and sparkles. I love how hair style Garren and makeup artist Pat McGarth have represented this through beauty.

The hair and makeup seen on the catwalk of Anna Sui’s spring collection was inspired by rock-and-roll legends such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Jimmy Page. The stylist that worked on the show wanted lots of movement and texture in the hair.

They created this by using moose and blow-drying the hair upside down until it was almost dry and then flipping it back and adding salt spray to ensure that there was loads of texture in the hair. Garren was the hairstyle that created all the hair styles for the show and he called this style the ‘shag’. He said that his main inspirations for this style were Keith Richards and Jimmy Paige. Postiche hair was used for these looks to add more depth and body to the hair.

Anna Sui said herself she took inspiration for her designs from rock stars and she looked at images of Mark Boland and wanted glitter to be part of the over all look of the makeup. Pat McGrath worked on the makeup design for the show. She added chunky gold and rose coloured glitter to the models bare lids on top and bottom. The over all makeup was very minimal.

From research based on the official Anna Sui Pinterest page I know that Sui called the collection “Kozmik Rock Star”. Inspired the spirit of swinging London during the 60s and 70s and of boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip, I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet, Mr. Freedom, Hung On You, and A Dandy In Aspic.

Below are my three favorite images of Sui's mood board for this catwalk show. All taken from her Pinterest mood board, to view full board CLICK HERE!

As I have to create a look which is based around spring/summer inspired by Anna Sui I thought that it is important to understand what this collection was all about. Given that her collection was inspired by the 60's and 70's I have done further research of these eras to help with my design development for my spring/summer look.

The 60's

As I will be shooting a look inspired by this collection for my timed assessment I decided to research in popular fashion photographers during this time to see what was popular. A photographer I have come across is Hiro, an American fashion photographer. Below are a few images he produced in the 60's.

I love these three images because they have lots of tone and texture to them, this is something that I relate to Anna Sui. I believe that these images also have a lot of detail to them just like Sui's clothing and cosmetics.

Another fashion photographer during this time I thought is relevant to inspirations for a makeup look is Duffy. He was an extremely popular photographer during this time, he even photographed for Vogue and Twiggy during the 60's - which is relevant to inspiration from Anna Sui for her collections. These images were in Vogue in the 60's, the texture of the clothing in the right image reminds me of Sui's clothing range as well as details in her cosmetic packaging.

Although I know that Sui was highly inspired by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Jimmy Page I can vision the inspiration for my makeup look to be inspired by other iconic figures of the 60's.

Julie Christie was a popular beauty icon during the 60's, also a British movie legend. I think that she can be a good person to take inspiration from for the spring/summer shoot because she is beautiful and without being over the top, which is something I personally relate to when thinking about Anna Sui as a brand. The image below is of Christie in the 60's in an editorial magazine.

The 70's

I have come across a French photographer that I really like who was very popular during this time was Guy Bourdin. November 2014 - March 2015 there was an exhibition at summerset house called ‘Guy Bourdin: Image maker’. Bourdin had a 40 year career within fashion photography and was self-taught.

Photographed in 1970
Bourdin’s images were to advertise clothing, beauty and accessories. Below are some of my favorite images of Bourdin. 
Photographed in 1973

Photographed in 1974

After looking at these images produced by Bourdin I think it would be great to take inspiration for shape of makeup in these images.

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