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Christmas homework

About L'Oreal

L’Oreal’s products are sold in more than 120 countries worldwide. L’Oreal has always wanted to provide their customers with top performing products at affordable prices. It is believed that L’Oreal Paris is sculpting the future of beauty and L’Oreal has become a global leader in the world of beauty trends.

‘The philosophy of L'Oréal Paris is one that, whatever your age, gender, ethnicity or look, "you're worth it". The brand aims to accompany women and men world-over as they go about their daily lives.

Below is a list of products that are produced by L’Oreal.

Makeup products
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Face concealer
  • Primer
  • BB cream & CC cream
  • Blusher and bronzer
  • Mascara
  • Eye liner
  • Eye shadow
  • Brow pencils and gel
  • Lip colour
  • Lip stick
  • Lip gloss
  • Lip liner
  • Nail polish
  • Gel effect nails
  • Nail effects
  • Nail care

Skin care products
  • Cleaner and toners
  • Serum
  • Day & night moisturiser
  • Eye cream
  • BB cream
  • Blur

Hair care products
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Intensive conditioner
  • Oils

L’Oreal also sell a range of hair colour, hair styling, self tanning products and products for men. Below are a few of my favorite L'Oreal advertisements.

This L’Oreal ad is for the Collection Exclusive Pure Reds lipsticks. These lipsticks are designed to suit all women of different skin tones perfectly. I chose this specific image advertising the collection as I love the matte effect of the whole makeup look. I think the dramatic lighting that has been used in the photography if really effective as it makes the audience focus mainly on the lips which are the brightest area of the image.

The writing on the right hand side of the advertisement has been kept very simple which I think is most successful for ads as it's not over whelming when looking at this image as a  whole. Below is the full TV advertisement of the collection.

This L’Oreal advertisement is for a self tanning product – Sublime bronze featuring Cheryl Cole who is an ambassador for L’Oreal. In this image Cheryl has fairly natural makeup, with beautiful bouncy hair and her skin is sun kissed all over. This advertisement is effective because many women desire to have a deep tan. 

Like all of the L'Oreal advertisements the logo is clear within the image - this makes it clear and understandable for people to read.

I think this advertisement is successful because it is clear and straight to the point about the uses of the product.

This is my personal favorite L'Oreal advertisement that I have come across so far. I'm not sure exactly what year this advertisement was released but from the style of the hair and the makeup I'm guessing it was in the early 70's.

This s still the same hair spray that is produced by L'Oreal today which have many more contemporary advertisements. I chose this one because although it is the simplest Elnett hairspray advertisement I think that it is still very effective. 

The product and brand is easily read and the black and white image with the gold can of spray and small amount of gold text makes the image as a whole more interesting.

This L'Oreal advertisement is for their Le Teint infallible 24 hour hold foundation. The two images of the same model - one close up and one mid length shows the fresh dewy perfect skin which has been created using the foundation. 

The rest of the makeup and the styling appears to be complimenting each other making the image as a whole appealing. The makeup artist that worked on this advertisement was Charlotte Willer.

Like all the previous L'Oreal advertisements the logo is clear and there is the perfect amount of writing included so that the audience is not overwhelmed by too many words.

Eddie Malter – the official makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris in Canada. His passion is inspired by his admiration towards natural beauty, where he can use makeup to highlight and enhances people’s natural features. He began working with L’Oreal 15 years ago in France, during this time he created makeup looks for L’Oreal Paris spokespeople and A-list celebs. He then joined L’Oreal Paris in Canada in 2001, he now revels seasonal makeup trends, provides professional beauty tips advising and helping women with skin care and product choice.

‘’The power of makeup is amazing, as it captures a certain mood of a women and helps to personify it’’ – Eddie Malter

James Kaliardos – originally from New York has a background of art, design, photography and theatre. His career as a makeup artist blossomed when he met photographer Steven Meisel and shoed his portfolio and was very impressed by his makeup skills, therefore helped him to develop his talent. James was encouraged and determined to work within the makeup artist industry and moved to Paris to further his studies and ick start his career as a makeup artist. He then began working with the artistic director he met at the Parson School and Celia Dean (model). Together they published a magazine in 1991 ‘Bookazine’ in 10 years with 51 editions, it was very successful. In 1999 ‘V’ magazine was published which was based around fashion and culture, it was believed that V magazine had a wide distribution and fresh format.

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