Monday, 23 February 2015

Creating a day time look for Anna Sui - test shoot

Before I began thinking about colours and textures that I could use in a makeup design inspired by Anna Sui i wanted to do a bit of research to inspire this design. I came across Anna Sui's 2014 Spring makeup collection. 

My favourite products from this collection that has inspired the design ideas for my Spring look were the rose cheek colour and the lipstick as it has a cheer finish. These are the main focus points of the makeup design.

In a practical makeup lesson we were asked to prepare a day time look for our chosen brand. Below are a few images of inspiration for my test shoot for my Anna Sui day time look design.

I want the makeup to be very soft and natural. I want the skin to look healthy with a natural glow, with natural blush to the cheeks and soft pink eye shadow applied to the lids with a brushing of mascara and enhancing of the brows. I will use gentle products to high light and contour the face, however I don't want the face to look overly sculpted.

List of products used to create this look:

  • Body shop vitamin C cream
  • Foundation and concealer
  • Translucent powder
  • Clinque up lighting to contour cheekbones
  • Bodyshop highlighter on brow bone, under eyes/top of cheek bones
  • Inglot frost eye shadow - all over lids
  • Brown eye shadow in brows to enhance brow shape
  • Illamasqua tremble blush applied to cheeks
  • Illamasqua promise cream blush product onto lips
  • Vaseline over top of pink cream product on lips
  • Illamasqua intrigue mixed with bodyshop highlighter on brow bone, down the nose and on cupids bow
  • Illamasqua bronzing duo to contour cheekbones & sides of nose
  • Mascara
Below is the image of the test shoot which I created in 30 minuets in a practical session. 

After showing the final image of my test shoot for my day time shoot I was given feed back that the foundation may be a bit too dark - not matching the models skin tone correctly. My lecturer was really happy with the area around the mouth, saying that the colour of the lips and the highlight on he cupids bow looks really elegant. 

For the final shoot I would like to use a more natural base, maybe with elements of the models natural skin showing through the foundation. I would keep the eye brows natural looking with a bit of powder colour brushed through them to enhance them slightly.

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[ONLINE DIGITAL IMAGE] Available at: (Accessed: 23 February 2015).

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